Mainly Mid Century - A mixture of Architecture, Ceramics, Graphics, Photography, Furniture and Modernism in General plus random visual goodness. Contributions all greatly appreciated.


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#pop julienfoulatier:

Painting by Andy Warhol.


Painting by Roy Lichtenstein.


Richard Hamilton - Adonis in Y Fronts, 1963

[Hamilton] can’t imagine a conversation with Tracey Emin lasting more than five minutes – too tedious! – and though he was quite interested in Hirst’s sharks, his paintings bore him half to death. He believes that this generation is “ignorant… they have no understanding of art history. [Their work] is a waste of time. So much of what they’re doing has already been done, and not only by Duchamp, even. You think: you’re 50 years too late, mate.” Don’t even get him started on Sarah Lucas and her antics with cigarettes

Taken from a rare interview with the late Richard Hamilton, who died this week

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