Mainly Mid Century - A mixture of Architecture, Ceramics, Graphics, Photography, Furniture and Modernism in General plus random visual goodness. Contributions all greatly appreciated as my income is primarily web and ad based.


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The Canadian architect - August 1966 by oliver.tomas on Flickr.

The Canadian architect August 1966 vol. 11 no. 8. Cover design by Laszlo Buday

The Canadian architect - April 1965 by oliver.tomas on Flickr.

The Canadian architect April 1965 vol. 10 no. 4. Cover design by Laszlo Buday

The Canadian architect - October 1964 by oliver.tomas on Flickr.

Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik AS by oliver.tomas on Flickr.


French Concert Favorites from Tivoli by Javier Garcia Design on Flickr.


Neville Brody’s cover art for the forthcoming issue of the V&A Magazine, referencing the museum’s Postmodernism exhibition

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Tadanori Yokoo on the cover of The Design Review No. 4 1967.

Found here.

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The Responsive Eye, 1965

The catalogue of MoMA’s exhibition that launched Op Art can be viewed / downloaded HERE


The cover of Graphis 51 by Tom Eckersley, from 1950. 

See some scans from the rest of the book here at the great vintage poster blog Quad Royal.

If you want to see more work by Tom Eckersley, I recently came across an archive of his work during my dissertation research. You can see 185 pieces by him here. He is a real classic poster artist, from a golden age of British design.

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Nonsensical Infographic No. 1 - Artwork by Chad Hagen

Israel Postage Stamp: Keren Hayesod by karen horton on Flickr.


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Pfau~Moden, design by Walter Breker

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Pubblicità in Italia (Advertising in Italy) 1964-1965

Advertising in Italy is an accurate look at Italian graphic design in 1964-65 including: posters, advertising, catalogs, packaging, trade-marks and more.

Cover design by Franco Grignani.

Many more designs by this mid-century design master to be found at Display.


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