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Recipe book by E. Sleigh, 1647-1722 Recipe book by E. Sleigh, 1647-1722



here’s a link to a bunch of medieval recipe books that got scanned onto the internet


For anyone interested in old books and medicine, the Wellcome Library in London has (excitingly) digitized a huge chunk of their extensive library of antique domestic “recipe” books and manuscripts.  Spanning three hundred years (their collection begins in the 1500s), the 270+ books are an amazing window into old medicine and household lore.  Above are images from two randomly selected manuscripts, both from the mid-1600s.  Look closely, and you might get some pointers on how to prevent bed wetting, or help should you suffer from a “pinne or a webbe in the eye.”

To jump straight to a list of all the available manuscripts, go here.

(via artistjournals)


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