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(via Scans from an Estonian Maths Book. « Present&Correct)

(via Scans from an Estonian Maths Book. « Present&Correct)

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Split Fountain Hieroglyphics: Psychedelic Concert Posters From the Seattle Area, 1966-1969

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Chuck Sperry - Widespread Panic New Years Run. Silkscreen, 22x33 in.  (2011)

Chuck Sperry's Pop Époque Chuck Sperry's Pop Époque Chuck Sperry's Pop Époque Chuck Sperry's Pop Époque



Chuck Sperry (b.1962, USA)

Rock poster designer and screen print virtuoso, Chuck Sperry, is returning to Paris in person from California for a massive new exposition. Inspired and constantly exploring motifs as various as classical mythology, Art Nouveau, early 20th Century and early 1970′s typography, exploring the stars of the Rock universe, and the psychedelic 1960s, Chuck Sperry is able to impose his style upon all these various sources and inspirations.

Extolling femininity and the delicacy of floral motifs, the artist plays with the layering of materials, in a sensual intricacy that the eye can never completely resolve. Whether the subjects of Sperry’s prints are queens of the first word (Alpha and Omega) or indecisive Persephones (Widepsread Panic), Chuck Sperry’s depiction of women truthfully represent figures deeply independent and sensual.

Sperry’s “Pop Époque” Tour in Paris
L’Oeil Ouvert Gallery - 74 rue François Miron 75004 Paris - 19.06-13.07.2014 
Gallery Oberkampf - 103 rue Saint Maur 75011 Paris - 21.06-04.07.2014 
Projection cocktail at l’Oeil Ouvert Gallery Wednesday, July 2 from 18h
© All images courtesy of the artist

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(via Typographique. « Present&Correct)

(via Typographique. « Present&Correct)

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Andrew Heumann


Bauhaus Dessau.

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Herbert Matter, Arts and Architecture magazine cover, 1947. Source

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